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Die Tradition der Städtepartnerschaften reicht bis ins Jahr 1961 zurück. Die ehemals selbstständige Stadt Misburg unterstützte umfassend diverse Austauschprogramme zur Förderung internationaler Beziehungen. Der Stadt Misburg wurde dafür die Europafahne verliehen. In der ehemaligen Gemeinde Anderten entwickelte sich ab 1969 eine Partnerschaft nach Oissel- sur-Seine, Departement Rouen in Frankreich. Seit 1981 werden die Städtepartnerschaften durch den Stadtbezirk Misburg-Anderten gepflegt: Shepton Mallet - Großbritannien 1961 Bollnäs - Schweden 1961 Oissel-sur-Seine - Frankreich 1969 Flekkefjord - Norwegen 1970 Kankaanpää - Finnland 1970 (Partnerschaft ruht) Morsø (Nykøbing) - Dänemark 1970 (Partnerschaft ruht)
Your Twin Town Misburg-Anderten A short history, its flag and city coat of arms First named in an official document of 1365 as MUDZBORCH, a fortification surrounded by muddy moorland and which was abandoned in 1525. In 1585 7 farms were listed. By 1800 the village had increased to 18 farms. In 1843 the village was connected to the Hannover-Braunschweig rail route. A great leap in development occurred in 1870 with the opening of the first cement plant after the discovery of the raw material marl, the „gold of Misburg“. With the connection to the Mittellandkanal (1916) and the opening of the locks at Anderten (1928) the cement industries became more and more important until Misburg finally had 3 plants. During the Second World War, in 45 allied bomber raids, about 40.000 bombs were dropped over Misburg, destroying 60 percent of the residences but only 2 percent of the existing refinery, the main object of the air attacks. At this time Misburg had 8.000 inhabitants. After the Second World War many refugees from the east came to Misburg. By 1952 Misburg had 11.500 inhabitants. After the establishment of various industries the population had increased in 10 years to 14.500 people. In 1964 the community of Misburg gained the rights of an independent city. In 1974 after the local government reorganization, the city of Misburg was merged with the capital of the federal state of Lower-Saxony, Hannover, as one of its districts and in 1981 amalgamated with the former community of Anderten to form the Misburg-Anderten district. Today the population of the Misburg-Anderten district is 31.700 people, with 24.000 citizens in Misburg and 7.700 in Anderten. Misburg started its twinning partnerships in the early 1960s. 1961: Shepton-Mallet and Bollnäs/Sweden were the first two communities. 1970: followed Flekkefjord/Norway, Morsø/Danmark and Kankaanpää/Finland. As part of its efforts to encourage understanding between nations, the European Community distinguiched Misburg with the „Europa Flag“ in 1972. Although Hannover has its own twin-towns, Misburg and Anderten (Oissel-Sur-Seine concluded in 1969) continues to support its partnerships established before 1974. Needless to say that we are proud of it! The arms and flag from Misburg date from 1928. They show three chimneys illustrating the three cement plants and four factories in existence at this time; the green is for the fields and forest of Misburg, the yellow represents the„gold of Misburg“, the natural resource of marl and the blue and the waves are for the canal which passes through Misburg. Issue: July 2009 by K.Fuljahn
Patenschaftskomitee im Stadtbezirk Misburg-Anderten Dem Patenschaftskomitee im Stadtbezirk Misburg-Anderten gehören jeweils fünf Vertretungen aus dem Stadtbezirksrat und aus der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Misburger und Anderter Kulturvereine e.V. (AMK) an, sowie ein Vertreter der Stadtverwaltung. Vorsitzender: Patrick Hoare (AMK-Vorsitzender)
Vertretungen aus der Politik: Herr Klaus Tegeder (SPD) Frau Rita Scholvin (SPD) Frau Sahra Spoida (CDU) Frau Insa Bockentin-Müller (CDU) N.N.(Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) Vertretung der Verwaltung: Herr Michael Behrla
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04.08. - 05.08.2019 Besuch der Delegation aus Shapton-Mallet - Bildbericht 50 Jahre Partnerschaft mit Oissel sur Seine07.06. - 10.06.2019 - Sportfreunde besuchen Oissel
Vertretungen aus der AMK: Herr Patrick Hoare Frau Katharina Gauglitz Frau Sandra Böttger Frau Michaela Cassel Herr Gerhard Hupke